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Otaku Avatar Maker
Best 'n' Free Avatar Generater !
Available for blogs and SNS !
But Unmeasurable about the Combinations of parts.


Otaku Avatar Maker is a service which provides character icons completely free of charge!
They are available for your blog site or SNS.

You can use them regardless of a personal or a business use. In so far as you keep the rules below;

The combination of parts has been saved in Cookie with changing the icon. Please click the Delete button, if you'd like to delete the saved combination.

For blog


  • We would be appreciated it if you could introduce our website, for instance, "this icon was made by the Otaku Avatar Maker", etc.


How can I make icons animate?

  • You need software to make a GIF animation. Please purchase such software on your own.
  • Just for your information, but I use the FireWorks.

I can't display a saved icon on the Internet bulletin board etc.

  • Please ask a web master on the site you would like to use an illustration.We does not support on display-related matters.
  • Frequently Seen Errors
    • Linked URL is of the picture file located on your hard disk.
      Ex:C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\My Pictures\1060922213.gif
      Action: Use a rental server and upload the files to it.
    • Linked URL is of an html file.
      Ex: http://www.moeruavatar.com/cache/1060922213.html
      Action: The extension of the image files will be ".gif". You can upload them to your server after you save them on your hard disk.
    • Linked URL is of a temporary file.
      Ex: http://www.moeruavatar.com/cache/1060922213.gif
      Action: You can upload the image files to your server after you save them on your hard disk.

I don't have a server. Can I use the icons on a bulletin board?

  • You cannot use them without a server.Please rent a server at any rental server service site.

Can you make a customized icon for me?

  • Sorry, we don' t accept such an order.

I don' t know how to upload the icons to the server.

  • Please ask the administrator (or the company) which you rent a server from.

I can only save a file as bitmap (.BMP) format. How can I save it as GIF?

  • There is a rare case you can only save as a bitmap file, if your Internet cache file is damaged.
    Please select a menu of Internet Explorer as follows: Tool > Internet Options > Temporary Internet Files > Delete Files, and press OK.

Can I retouch the icons made with the Otaku Avatar Maker?

  • Yes, but redistribution of them is NOT allowed. Please note that you should not retouch them in a way that is offensive to public order and morals.

Can I make icons for someone else?

  • It will be no problem to make them for particular individuals, but NOT for redistribution to the general public.

Can I use only a part of the face or the body images as a graphic material?

  • We DO NOT ALLOWED a use of any components of the face or the body as an independent graphic image.
    We provide each part of the face and body images only for the Otaku Avatar Maker, not independent images.


Hair color Skin color
eyes color Lip color
Ware color
Ware color
Ware color



UpDown LeftRight

Image format


Up & Down Right & Left
Hairstyle(back) UpDown LeftRight
Foot UpDown LeftRight
Pants UpDown LeftRight
Tops UpDown LeftRight
Hands UpDown LeftRight
Hairstyle UpDown LeftRight
Mouth UpDown LeftRight
Eyes UpDown LeftRight
Eyebrows UpDown LeftRight
Make up UpDown LeftRight
Glasses UpDown LeftRight
Accessory UpDown LeftRight
Hair ornament UpDown LeftRight

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